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This is my new project, and perhaps an excuse for falling off the blogging sphere…?

SURFACE 1°22 is a collective featuring individuals from diversely trained backgrounds working in Singapore’s creative industries from Fine Artists to Interior, Textile and Fashion Designers. The opening of SURFACE 1°22 (the exhibition) showcased a variety of textile manipulations and surface applications exploring themes of compatibility and crossover between processes and techniques to create pieces that can be both seen and touched.

The first SURFACE 1°22 exhibition was held in November @ ICAS Project Space. The focus of this exhibition was on textile manipulations and surface applications. Contributors included Deborah McKellar, Maria Walf, Michy Witchy, Tang Wai Wah, Susie Rees, Mike Tay, Sarah Johnson, Goh Ling Ling and Emily Wills.


Plushism; Handmade Products of Favor
September 1, 2009, 11:33 AM
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Hand made products hold special meaning and value, to the end buyer but also their creator. For Plushism artist Nico, the experience of loving what she does and doing what she loves ring true. Her range of cute customised cameras have recently expanded to include intricately detailed felt i-phones. “Inspirations are mostly from my daydreaming and daily life encounters. I started making handmade plushies many years ago and then moved on to more functional art.”

HANDMADE Products Of Favor

Elohim by Sabrina Goh

Searching deep within the noise made by international names – between Westwood and Pugh – the Audi (formally known as Singapore) Fashion Festival thankfully showcased some of Singapore’s very own inspirational designers at the Blueprint featuring Blackmarket parade. One of the undisputed headliners of the parade was local girl Sabrina Goh with her self described “androgynous, structural and minimal” label Elohim.

Elohim was born out of Sabrina’s first ready-to-wear women’s collection designed in January of this year. Besides designing, Sabrina’s day can include drafting, sewing, merchandising, marketing or meeting with suppliers which means her busy schedule’s not really over until well into the pm.

Control Freak, the title of Sabrina’s newest collection explores the power shifts felt by a person who attempts to control and dictate their environment. The fabrics in the collection work in opposition, matte against shiny, colour against black. Side buckles are incorporated to transform silhouettes, tighten and release volume, join and separate designs. The designer gets her inspiration from a variety of sources; in particular structural objects, geometric shapes and Lego.

Elohim will face many challenges, but Sabrina believes that passion, ongoing resilience and a bit of luck will help her achieve her goals and maintain her labels success. With dreams to showcase Elohim on international platforms such as New York Fashion Week, Sabrina Goh is one designer to keep an eye on. The LaSalle College of the Arts graduate echoes SingStyle’s mantra proclaiming that “singapore’s creative scene is getting more exciting than ever before!”

Elohim can be found perusing the racks of Blackmarket and Hide & Seek or online at

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons….
March 26, 2009, 1:22 PM
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Okay, so Janell had to point out that we call them badges, but damn… her badges are cute as a button!

During the last month of her summer holidays Janell – a self professed doodler – began making and selling an array of select items including hand punched buttons from collected and hand drawn images.


Janell says her personal style reflects her geeky personality which include “simple patterned vector graphics, doodley free-style images of skyscrapers and small-town-feel girl on bicycle, urban settings all using a thin (0.4 to be precise) black pen.”


She also enjoys stencil art, screen prints, letter pressing, typography and quirky things observed through films, tv, travelling, music and her rabbit.

I asked Janell if she could walk in someone else’s shoes for a day whose shoes would she choose? Her reply was French director Michel Gondry whose quirky style combines handmade elements to depict the space between reality and dreams. His movies which include Be Kind Rewind, The Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine illustrate Janell’s friendship with imagination and the handmade.


Juggling her hobbyist adventure with study sees Janell getting out of bed bright and early to peruse emails, then pack and post orders before school starts.


Her approach to being a creative in Singapore is to not expect anything and leave your ego at home. “I do what I like and put my wares out there for the world to see, and the rest is up to them! I don’t expect people to pay special attention.” This inclusiveness is at the heart of Janell’s ethos as she proclaims that “anyone can wear a badge!”

“I’ve had magnet-collectors to comic-lovers to teenagers-who-buy-for-their-friends and badge-collectors contact me.”


People who are similarly tuned into Janell’s channel are invited to visit the following websites to track down this day-dreaming designer.