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The Clothespeg Project : Volume 4
February 21, 2011, 1:09 PM
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Exhibition extended to February 25th!!!

SURFACE 1°22 partnered with Onetrickpony to bring Clothespeg : Volume 4 to Singapore

Visit ICAS Gallery Project Space @ LASALLE College of the Arts

Tuesday – Saturday from midday to 6pm.

“The Clothespeg Project launched in Perth WA in 2007, the concept is based  around these simple instructions…submit any style of work, about any theme  you like, with whatever content you want – there is no limitation other than size. Previous volumes have included work from graphic designers, illustrators,  photographers, tattoo artists, textile artists, painters, street artists and  sculptors.”




June 8, 2009, 2:52 PM
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Once a year, LASALLE College of the Arts showcases the works of graduating students from a range of creative disciplines. SingStyle was there admiring the innovative works; from Design to Fine Arts, Film and Media Arts the exhibition was proof of Singapore’s creative newcomers. The evening was kicked off with the LASALLE Fashion Show, Airborne. Some stand out designers that rocked our socks were Hana, Daniela Monasterios Tan, Pauline Ning and Veliani.

Exhibition snap-shots from Fine Arts, Design and Media Design…

Visit for futher information.

Singapore through the lens: Part I
April 13, 2009, 2:01 PM
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Here are some Sing Style snapshots of Singapore…

Origamic Architecture
April 1, 2009, 10:24 AM
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The Eastern art of cutting and folding paper to produce 3-dimensional pop-up cards is referred to by it’s devotees as Origamic Architecture. The enchantment of paper cut outs is that they bring a two dimensional image to life through the seemingly simple action of opening and closing.



Singapore’s very own origamic architect Gal in Black finds that Japanese design has a big impact on her own work, and cites the master of Origamic Architecture, Masahiro Chatani as someone she would wish to be for a day, if only to “borrow some of his ideas!” Gal in Black finds inspiration in the everyday – “Every day things and craft books inspire me for my designs. I went to Japan recently and the first place I went was Kinokuniya to buy their craft books!”






Gal in Black has been creating her custom cut-out cards for more than 10 years but only decided to start a small business out of her papery pastime when she chanced upon an online marketplace that sold all things handmade last year. Gal in Black took the pledge “my cards are 100% handmade” and hasn’t looked back.




Adding to the mystery of her craft, Gal in Black’s cut out concepts are carried to life in the late evenings when “the magic of crafting begins.”


You can see more Gal in Black goodness at her online shop



Buttons, Buttons, Buttons….
March 26, 2009, 1:22 PM
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Okay, so Janell had to point out that we call them badges, but damn… her badges are cute as a button!

During the last month of her summer holidays Janell – a self professed doodler – began making and selling an array of select items including hand punched buttons from collected and hand drawn images.


Janell says her personal style reflects her geeky personality which include “simple patterned vector graphics, doodley free-style images of skyscrapers and small-town-feel girl on bicycle, urban settings all using a thin (0.4 to be precise) black pen.”


She also enjoys stencil art, screen prints, letter pressing, typography and quirky things observed through films, tv, travelling, music and her rabbit.

I asked Janell if she could walk in someone else’s shoes for a day whose shoes would she choose? Her reply was French director Michel Gondry whose quirky style combines handmade elements to depict the space between reality and dreams. His movies which include Be Kind Rewind, The Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine illustrate Janell’s friendship with imagination and the handmade.


Juggling her hobbyist adventure with study sees Janell getting out of bed bright and early to peruse emails, then pack and post orders before school starts.


Her approach to being a creative in Singapore is to not expect anything and leave your ego at home. “I do what I like and put my wares out there for the world to see, and the rest is up to them! I don’t expect people to pay special attention.” This inclusiveness is at the heart of Janell’s ethos as she proclaims that “anyone can wear a badge!”

“I’ve had magnet-collectors to comic-lovers to teenagers-who-buy-for-their-friends and badge-collectors contact me.”


People who are similarly tuned into Janell’s channel are invited to visit the following websites to track down this day-dreaming designer.


Noise Festival Showcase
March 23, 2009, 1:59 PM
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 Listen to the Noise made by over 2000 of Singapore’s creatives!


Head to Far East Plaza for the final week of the Noise Festival Showcase to catch music, photography, art and design featured by some of the most creative up-and-coming young artists, designers, musicians and photographers Singapore has to offer.

Open everyday from 11am, this is one free event not to be missed!

Sing Style hearts Anjo Bolarda





and ReallyfreshRiceball…



Get online and support your favourite artists by leaving gushing comments!

March 22, 2009, 11:40 AM
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Crochet has never shown so much adorability!


Once the hobby of grannies, crochet is taking off where the mega trend of knitting left off (think models getting crafty backstage). But if Sing Style can’t convince you to partake in this pleasing PG pastime then maybe these Amigurumi dolls by Simple Arts Planet will win you over?




Based in Singapore, Simple Arts Planet (SAPlanet) has been hand-crafting original crochet dolls for over two years. Innovator Lis finds inspiration from various sources; including endless suggestions from her mother. “Although most of them are impractical, the conversation evoke unexpected inspirations, mostly deriving from flash backs of my childhood dreams and events.”






A typical day in the SAPlanet office kick starts with a nice cuppa coffee and the ritual of tuning into Singapore’s  very own Class 95FM. Since online activities are constant, it is a common scene to see Lis juggling between scheduled and unscheduled work. “Being an independent handmade crafter, the local market is a little skim to rely solely on to be profitable. That said, I am witnessing some gradual changes to the handmade scene in Singapore, as more Singaporeans are beginning to appreciate the value of handmade goods.”



Lis remains optimistic about the local creative scene which she says is evolving slowly but surely. She envisions greater impact of Singapore’s artists on both local and global platforms. saplanet_7

SAPlanet’s latest creations of hand crocheted wedding ring pillows adorned with wedding dolls can be found online at the following supporters of handmade delights:


The good news (if you’re dreaming of converting to a life of craftiness) is that SAPlanet also sells the patterns and project kits for folks who wish to make their own dolls. Get down and crafty!