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Plushism; Handmade Products of Favor
September 1, 2009, 11:33 AM
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Hand made products hold special meaning and value, to the end buyer but also their creator. For Plushism artist Nico, the experience of loving what she does and doing what she loves ring true. Her range of cute customised cameras have recently expanded to include intricately detailed felt i-phones. “Inspirations are mostly from my daydreaming and daily life encounters. I started making handmade plushies many years ago and then moved on to more functional art.”

HANDMADE Products Of Favor


The Gathering of the Tribes…

 While the modern term ‘Neo-Tribalism’ may conjure up anarchist images of Tyler-Durden-style urban communes, to designer Daniela Monasterios Tan the phrase describes a personal design aesthetic which takes inspiration from the street and sub cultural fashion.

“The concept was to create a post-modern urban tribe thus ‘Neo-Tribalism’ came about. The idea of post-modernism helps me to synthesize elements to create this tribe by putting things from disparate time-periods into a melting pot to create things that are beyond what we have already.”

The film Desperately Seeking Susan was a design starting point. “I wanted to re-work known street wear garments; classic 5-pocket jeans, t-shirts which I turned to bodysuits, vests and hoods to create this myth of an urban tribe.”

Tan’s graduate collection, patchworks influences circa 1980’s Downtown New York with Northwest Native American art. Tan chose these sources of reference as they possessed strong visual communicators of identity. “I took a lot of inspiration for embellishments from the urban landscape – similar to how Native Americans based their art and life philosophy on their surroundings.”

Tan says that differing viewpoints inspire her design ethos. “I love learning about different cultures and time periods; how people viewed things and to challenge these views or bring to light the things that are often overshadowed. Another thing that inspires me is clichés; the way things are known and I challenge this status quo with humour.”

While Daniela has no immediate plans to start her own label, she is optimistic about the future. “I would love to have my own label but I am still quite realistic, it’s a very difficult path. For now all I want to do is continue learning, there’s still so much to learn! And work for someone whose work I believe in.”

Re-enforcing my vision of the designer as an autonomous and slightly rebellious Urban Tribal Leader, Tan admits her dislike for authority and convention. “The reason why I design street wear is because I want to see as many people in my designs as possible. I do not like hierarchies very much. I just want people to wear my stuff and feel happy and perhaps let the clothes be an extension of who they are. Although there is a lot of styling with my pieces, I would love to see how they mix and match my clothes with things they already own… that’s what my post-modern tribe is about!”

And we feel premature enlightenment.

June 8, 2009, 2:52 PM
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Once a year, LASALLE College of the Arts showcases the works of graduating students from a range of creative disciplines. SingStyle was there admiring the innovative works; from Design to Fine Arts, Film and Media Arts the exhibition was proof of Singapore’s creative newcomers. The evening was kicked off with the LASALLE Fashion Show, Airborne. Some stand out designers that rocked our socks were Hana, Daniela Monasterios Tan, Pauline Ning and Veliani.

Exhibition snap-shots from Fine Arts, Design and Media Design…

Visit for futher information.

Singapore through the lens: Part I
April 13, 2009, 2:01 PM
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Here are some Sing Style snapshots of Singapore…

March 22, 2009, 11:40 AM
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Crochet has never shown so much adorability!


Once the hobby of grannies, crochet is taking off where the mega trend of knitting left off (think models getting crafty backstage). But if Sing Style can’t convince you to partake in this pleasing PG pastime then maybe these Amigurumi dolls by Simple Arts Planet will win you over?




Based in Singapore, Simple Arts Planet (SAPlanet) has been hand-crafting original crochet dolls for over two years. Innovator Lis finds inspiration from various sources; including endless suggestions from her mother. “Although most of them are impractical, the conversation evoke unexpected inspirations, mostly deriving from flash backs of my childhood dreams and events.”






A typical day in the SAPlanet office kick starts with a nice cuppa coffee and the ritual of tuning into Singapore’s  very own Class 95FM. Since online activities are constant, it is a common scene to see Lis juggling between scheduled and unscheduled work. “Being an independent handmade crafter, the local market is a little skim to rely solely on to be profitable. That said, I am witnessing some gradual changes to the handmade scene in Singapore, as more Singaporeans are beginning to appreciate the value of handmade goods.”



Lis remains optimistic about the local creative scene which she says is evolving slowly but surely. She envisions greater impact of Singapore’s artists on both local and global platforms. saplanet_7

SAPlanet’s latest creations of hand crocheted wedding ring pillows adorned with wedding dolls can be found online at the following supporters of handmade delights:


The good news (if you’re dreaming of converting to a life of craftiness) is that SAPlanet also sells the patterns and project kits for folks who wish to make their own dolls. Get down and crafty!